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Promotion packages

Get found by ready-to-buy customers, with a Promotion package from BusinessClassifieds.in

This approach misses the strength that comes from layering up a number of digital marketing techniques where the individual pieces can work in unison. Put simply, digital marketing works better when it’s designed to work together.

Wherever potential customers may be looking online, a Promotion package will help ensure your business is found. From Facebook to Bing,  we’ve got you covered.

Why you should buy a Promotion package from BusinessClassifieds.in

We work with you to build a customised and comprehensive digital marketing package designed to deliver the specific business goals you want to achieve.

Certainly, we can build you a great standalone search or social campaign — and we’ll certainly start there if that fits your immediate needs and budget. But we understand that when it comes to effective digital marketing, the sum is greater than its parts.

No other digital provider can provide the range of solutions we can – so whether it’s Google or Facebook, we can promote your business everywhere that matters.

Your Digital Specialist will customise your package for your business based on the information you provide, your competitive landscape, and our years of experience

Full performance transparency and analytics are provided through advanced reporting suites, with high level statistics available 24/7

Once live, in addition to regular performance reviews, your experienced Customer Relationship Manager will proactively refine your campaign