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Social media advertising

Promote your business to new customers on social media

This presents an amazing opportunity to promote your business to new audiences, whatever your target market. Social media users spend an average of 114 minutes online every day. We can create and optimize a fully managed Facebook advertising campaign to target those people.

Why you should buy a Social advertising from BusinessClassifieds.in

Advertising on Facebook can be complex and time-consuming – and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Unlike some other providers, our Facebook advertising campaigns are built, fully managed and optimized by our expert Digital Specialists.

With Social Ads, you’ll get the strong social media presence that you need to reach potential customers. Whether you’re looking to raise awareness, drive Website visits, or generate leads, we have an advertising option that meets your needs.

Your programme will be designed by a Digital Specialist to target your ideal customers, in the right locations, to generate the best return on your investment

Once live, in addition to regular performance reviews, your experienced Customer Relationship Manager will proactively refine your campaign

Your campaign is dynamic – we’ll happily adjust your targeting or refresh the ad creative so your campaign continues to perform at peak levels